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Alpaca ranch Slovenia – a trip in the company of adorable alpacas

I have another place for you if your kid is also a big animal lover. I’ve had my eye on Alpaca Ranch in Slovenia, and we recently went there for the first time. The opportunity was ideal, on the way back from the Slovenian thermal baths of Olimia, where we spent part of this year’s vacation. The alpaca ranch was on our way. It’s located in Poljčana, just a few kilometers from Maribor and about an hour and a half drive from Zagreb, which is another reason that makes it an ideal weekend trip with kids. You won’t regret going to the ranch, whether you have young kids or older ones—a true outdoor adventure is waiting for you there!

Namely, if you think that you will only walk on the ranch and look at the alpacas from a decent distance, you are very fortunately mistaken! I also thought it would be like that, but the real state of affairs knocked me off my feet. I’m not talking about Liv – she’s totally blown away! So, the trip to the ranch was conceived by the friendly and cordial hosts in three parts, each of which is ingenious, educational and fun – both for kids and us adults.

Getting to know the alpacas and spending some quality time with them are the highlights of the excursion’s first phase, which consists of a tour of the ranch. They can be petted, fed (they eat from your hand), and photographed, which they enjoy just like you! Alpacas are particularly kind, affectionate, and social creatures that adore cuddling, and unlike llamas, they won’t spit on you. They are harmless for hanging out with the kids and with you, but of course you need to follow the instructions of the host, who will explain in detail all the important rules for hanging out with the alpacas to make it as pleasant as possible – both for you and the kids, and for the alpacas! Their fur is extremely soft and gentle, and it’s a real pleasure to pet them – you just can’t let them out of your hands!

In the second part of the trip, a mini creative workshop awaits you – making soap with the help of alpaca hair, which, of course, you take home. Even children can enjoy making it because it is so easy and enjoyable. While the older ones will probably manage on their own, the younger ones will need a little help from you – but both will have a lot of fun! Inside the ranch, there is also a mini boutique with mugs and other souvenirs that you can take home as a cool memory and a reminder to return – because we already want to go back to the ranch! The third part of the trip is a delicious homemade snack with Slovenian cheese, cold meats (of course, not alpaca meat – alpacas aren’t edible), juice for the kids, and soda for you – all 100% homemade, great for refreshment, and another reason to return to the ranch!

The 2-hour tour literally goes by in a flash, leaving you wanting more just like we did. We will definitely return to the alpacas, which I recommend to you as well. In addition to the cute and cuddly animals, we were delighted by the surrounding scenery, the ranch’s layout, and the welcoming and happy atmosphere that prevails there thanks to the wonderful hosts. They will communicate well with children and teach you a lot about alpacas and how to treat them. Liv and the host had very serious conversations, undoubtedly about her new friends, the alpacas!

Alpaca Ranch Slovenia – what else do you need to know?

Announcements are mandatory! Before you visit the ranch, be sure to contact the hosts and make an appointment. Namely, sometimes it happens that all appointments are taken and you wait up to 3 weeks for your appointment, which speaks volumes for the interest in the ranch – it’s a favorite place for good reasons!

Listen to the hosts! In a friendly way, he will instruct the kids and you in the correct behavior in the company of alpacas and how to make this association as pleasant as possible for you and the animals. Alpacas are not dangerous, as I have already stated; however, there is no need to unintentionally frighten them.

You’re going to the ranch! As for clothes and shoes, I recommend tennis shoes, boots, and sweatpants, and the washing machine should be ready.

Excursion price: free ticket for children up to 4 years old, 11 euros for children from 4 to 14 years old, and 21 euros for adults.

Be sure to let me know how you were – and maybe we’ll see you there one day, in the good company of children, alpacas, and nature!



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