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Everyone who follows me knows how much I love Slovenia. It has everything! It’s close enough for the weekend to enjoy nature, good food, and adult and child amenities.

On the weekend with the girls, when we visited Hiža Franko, the first stop was actually the Tolmin riverbed – which I, a “Slovenian”, had never been to. Fortunately, I corrected that mistake because the place is enchanting and I simply have to visit it with Liv! I’ve never seen a river that color, and I bet not many of you have either! So, don’t delay and pack for the lakes, and I’ll bring you all the important details!

The Tolmin riverbeds are a natural phenomenon located in the Soča river valley. The narrow canyon stretches through the rocks and is full of crystal water, waterfalls, and lakes, where you’ll want to stay forever. Everything looks both wild and unreal at the same time, and through it all, there is a walk for every foot, both children and adults! The path along the riverbed is about 2 km long (so you don’t even have to be in shape), and it leads you over wooden bridges, stairs, and adorable walkways during which you will not only see perfect nature, but also numerous phenomena and attractions such as the Devil’s Bridge, the Osojnica waterfall, and Dante’s cave (according to legend, this place enchanted the famous Dante so much that he wrote several lines of his Divine Comedy right there in 1302). You now have a recommendation from Dante if my knowledge of the Tolmin riverbeds isn’t enough to persuade you to go! Yes, in some places you can swim – but more about that in the summer when I return! I want you to get ahead of me on that!

Do you like to walk? You can now enjoy it even more! In the vicinity of the Tolmin Lakes, there are other ingenious places for walking, such as the mountains Triglav and Krn, Lake Bohinj, and there is also the charming Kobari Museum for history buffs and to win a general knowledge quiz. If you enjoy archeology or have a little Indiana Jones at home, you can also visit an archaeological site on the slopes of nearby Table Mountain that dates back to the Bronze Age. However, the Tolmin museum will perhaps be the most attractive for children because it offers extremely interactive exhibitions.
The walk down the Tolmin River, as I said, is not difficult. Most of them are flat, but it’s better to have the same flat shoes – so leave the heels where they belong! As for children’s legs, watch out for slightly younger kids or children with special needs because despite the majority of the trail being flat, there are some parts that could be challenging for them (stairs, uphills). Also keep an eye on them when they are near the river – you know how curious and “ready” kids can be for danger, especially when they don’t know there is danger! I advise you to bring them some small snacks and water, so that they can have something to snack on or refresh themselves. You know that nature is tiring, and in the best way! The trail is simple, well marked, and comes with existing instructions for safety and use. However, if you are by no means “natural” and don’t know how to solo – you can always hire a local guide who knows the trail by heart.
Do you want to treat yourselves a bit more? You are in the right place again! In the vicinity of the Tolmin riverbeds there are numerous cafes and restaurants, of which we recommend Gostilna Mahorčić, restaurant Kotlar and Gostilna Pri mostu.
Further into the villages? It can! Nearby are the villages of Tomlin and Kobarid, which offer an unavoidable chance to explore the local vibe, tradition, and cuisine. Still not enough adrenaline? You can also find it in the zipline park, especially if you have kids older than 10 years and taller than 130 cm (that’s what the safety rules say). Let us know how it went!
If your kids are too young for the zipline or you’re not a fan of adrenaline injections, you can enjoy it another way! Smaller children and animal lovers will be delighted to visit one of the many local farms where they can see cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and other farm animals. I already know one who can hardly wait (and whom I will hardly drag home afterwards).

You’re not the zipline or farmer type, but is that why you enjoy the water? You’re here again, and you don’t go any further? Did you ever suspect that there are no water activities on Soča, such as rafting, kayaking, stand-up paddling, or canyoning? And no, the same rules as for ziplines do not apply because the routes are suitable for kids of all ages. Which means I’m definitely coming back with Liv, and I’ll let you know how it went!




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