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Terme Čatež – A spontaneous trip to the fun waters

You already know how much time I invest in travel planning and that I don’t regret a single second spent in front of Google because I consider planning to be half the journey. In short, the better the plan, the better the time! However, these days I did something completely unplanned, spontaneous, and quick – and that was a short trip to the Čatež thermal baths!

The decision was the same. We packed our things almost in a second, picked up the kids from kindergarten and school, and, accompanied by them and other adults, set out to “discover hot water”. I’ve been to Čatež before, but it was a long time ago, so much so that I don’t even remember what it was like. However, this “amnesia” suited me very well because I felt like I was going to a completely new location, and I really like those trips into the unknown! Liv and Maks had no idea where we were going or what our plan was, so they were almost in shock. But the positive one, because we know that kids love surprises (especially when they realize that they include a pool).
We left around 8:30, with the idea that we would be there already at 9 (it’s only an hour’s drive to Čatež from Zagreb, so you don’t even feel like you’re leaving the city). When we arrived, we were the only ones. You can imagine my happiness because even those who don’t know me already somehow know how much I hate crowds. Just the idea of having the spa to ourselves (along with a small group of cute pensioners) was priceless. What did that idea look like in reality? Let’s start with the interior itself!

I had no idea how big the indoor pool area was. I admit, I expected it to be smaller, so I was puffed up even before I entered the pool! Besides being huge, the pool is very cleverly and strategically built. In the big pool (the one for adults), the kids practiced aqua aerobics to the music of Enrique Iglesias (and gave us all a good example to get back to exercise). On the other wing, there are pools for children (larger and smaller). Of course, pools are not “alone”! There are slides for older and slightly older children and a pirate ship for the smallest kids.

Water slides for older kids are a little steeper and faster, ideal for kids who like action. Of course, I tried them all (and took no one’s place in line). I also liked that the whole setting is part of a story; for example, the slides for the bigger kids are set up as part of a fun jungle, which goes really well with the pirate ship. And the pirate ship is dark! Not even Francis Drake would give it up. It is almost life-size. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it has everything and it’s interactive. Far from being just a decoration, it’s a real playing field. Kids can climb on deck, stand at the helm, walk on the bridge, climb the mast, shoot water cannons, and after all that, go down on one of the three slides on the ship. How cool!

Almost no slide is completely ordinary. Some release jets of water, some are very slalom-oriented, and some are just for little, little gigglers. There are attractions for all ages and no matter how old your child is, there’s no way he won’t find a slide for himself! If you have teenagers, don’t leave them at home. For them, there are artificial jets for surfing. Yes, yes, surfing! Who could resist!

The pools themselves are just as “characteristic”. In the middle one, artificial waves are released every half hour, which are a hit for everyone. They are small enough not to drown the younger kids, but big enough for the older ones to feel that they are being “carried”. There is also an outdoor pool in the entire story, which you can enter from the indoor pool (or from the slide, if you’re like us). All pools are very clean and tidy, and I was especially delighted that there is no strong smell of chlorine that usually “washes” all pools.

And is the water cold? That’s exactly what you often ask me in the inbox!

I don’t know what you prefer, but it wasn’t cold for us (neither children nor adults). I don’t know how many degrees it had, but it was ideal for us.

You also asked me if it’s cold outside and if it’s true that you can’t go without a cloak. My experience was hot! Moreover, at one point it was so hot that we had to go outside for coffee (in the sun, of course). In the middle of the third month, we were frying like lizards, and wearing a bathing suit without a robe. I don’t know what kind of weather will catch you outside, but my advice is not to get confused. As I said, it’s very warm in the thermal baths themselves, especially since they are in glass, and the sun was strong outside, which means that as the spring continues, it will get stronger. However, since spring can be deceptive, it might be better to take a cape anyway, especially when you want a coffee in the sun. Don’t miss it!

I suggest you pass on the pizza. It was specifically, um, not very nice. I therefore advise you to be wiser than we are and choose to bring food from home. (you will need refreshment after the water activities). We took only fruit and snacks, counting on the pizza there – and that was the only mistake in the steps!
All in all, we have a perfect day behind us, which I wish for your family as well. To have a better time, plan it spontaneously. Sometimes it’s best to let everything go!



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