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After a great time on the Slovenian hills, we decided to try the Italian ones too! In particular, the Dolomites, which I have already been to, but not the part of Dolomites we have planned to visit now. This time, the destination was the mountain resort of Alta Badia, from which we had to travel a day’s worth of unpleasant and boring roads. All-day driving, hours of standing and waiting at caravans, standing and waiting because of a traffic accident that unfortunately happened on “our” road… as if everything bad that could happen happened! The journey was very exhausting, but I wish you the exact opposite! If the drive is lengthy, especially from morning until night, it’s a good idea to pack some games or picture books to keep the kids occupied.
After a whole day of struggling on the highway, we happily arrived in Alta Badia. We chose it for two reasons. The first are activities and facilities for kids located inside and around the hotel, and the second… Well, we wanted to treat ourselves to accommodation that is a bit fancier than we are used to because Bruno and I were celebrating our birthday! We said it to ourselves. Now or never! What followed was a shock. The hotel was beautiful, classy, elegant…and too much for our modest tastes! Although we enjoyed everything (which is not hard to get used to), we realized that we both still prefer the domestic and rural atmosphere that we had, for example, in Slovenia. Of course, that doesn’t mean we were complaining – as I said, it’s easy to get used to! If you like classy and elegant places, now I definitely know what to recommend to you – just like if you like farms!
The hotel has an outdoor and an indoor swimming pool, which we enjoyed (especially Liv), and a play area for the kids (she also enjoyed it there, of course). I have to boast that after a very long time I slept like a log – even 12 hours in a row, which I considered an ancient relic from some other life of parties, going out, and my school holidays! I must also mention the great hotel staff, who surprised me with a small birthday present. A nice gesture for which I thank you once again. The hotel food was also excellent, so the hotel is at a really high level of quality and service.
We stayed in the Dolomites for three days. On the first day, in addition to the hotel, playground, and swimming pool, we also explored a small park located within the hotel. It is well equipped with high-quality and safe climbing equipment, a mini zipline, and other adrenaline-filled games for kids. Do I need to point out how much fun Liv had?
The hotel’s surroundings, which we readily explored the next day, are nothing worse. Of course, the goal was the hills and mountains, but there was also the nearby Summer Park La Crusc for kids, an adventure park for fun, research, and, of course, the beautiful nature where it all took place. The vicinity of Summer Park can be reached by car and then by chairlift to the top. And we found a real adventure up there! The park is very fun and attractively decorated, and we were especially delighted by the small children’s hiking trail with cool points where the main characters are Liv’s best friends – animals. Admittedly, they are wooden, but an animal is an animal (and a friend is a friend). Each point represents the animals of that climate in a fun way, while still being totally eco-friendly and highly interactive. The points are designed according to the principle of a treasure hunt, in which the kids, following short and sweet instructions via wooden stamps, have to thoroughly explore the points in order to find a fun surprise. No, it’s not candy or anything like that: but some new knowledge about the animal from the punt! Along with charming locations perfect for picnics, blankets, and rest, there are also entertaining games like marble runs, ball throwing games, and caves where you can crawl to look for dragons. No plastic is used at all; everything is made of wood!
Don’t skip a trip to Summer Park because it’s a top-notch family adventure. It’s located directly at the upper station of the La Crusc 1 chairlift, and thanks to such an ingenious and practical position, it’s almost constantly lit by the sun from morning to late afternoon – which, in addition to ensuring a great time, also guarantees great photos! The circular path will also lead you to two mountain lodges where you can enjoy rest and refreshment while the kids around you are still running around – or gathering strength for more! I recommend Summer Park to everyone whose kids are crazy about nature, research exhibitions, and animals (Liv is all that). The trails themselves are easy and pleasant, so they are also suitable for younger kids. Also, don’t expect long stretches of walking because every now and then there will be a convenient spot for socializing, action, or rest – both for your feet and for the children’s feet! However, as in any walk, flat and comfortable shoes are a must. Both for you and for the children! There are no “rules” for how long you will stay in Summer Park. It depends on the kids and you, how long you stay at the points and where your “nose” for fun will take you! My advice is to plan a longer stay and then easily shorten it if necessary.
What will delight many kids is the fact that every Summer Park attraction is symbolically connected to the local legend of the kingdom of Fanes, ruled by magical forest kings, fairies, knights, and other forest creatures from Dolomite legends, myths, and fairy tales. Their story goes like this, and you delight the kids with it – on a stump, point, or glade, which will not be missing on a walk!
In the legendary kingdom of Fanes, things are divided into eagles and marmots. The eagles are the male rulers of the royal house who, given their powerful wings, have a good view of the entire kingdom and everything that happens on their land. The country is ruled by marmots, or girls – marmots led by the wise and clever princess Dolosilla. Besides being wise and insightful, Dolasilla was also an excellent marksman. Into every battle for the kingdom, she carried her infallible arrows and a solid white warrior’s armor that should never turn black – because if that happened, it would mean big trouble for her. Unfortunately, they came during the battle with the evil sorcerer, who managed to steal her arrows and thus defeat the kingdom of Fanes. But is that really his end?
Namely, the legend says that eagles and groundhogs, led by the brave princess Dolosilla, are still waiting deep underground for a brave child to wish for just one thing, and that is Dolosilla’s infallible arrows! If that child returns them to Dolosilla, the kingdom of Fanes will rise again – and its savior will be rewarded, of course! Huh, what do you say? Liv was delighted, and we “searched for arrows” for a long time, which in practice means a lot of crawling through the bushes, picking up leaves, and other old school quests that we all participated in as kids! I’m telling you, the kids can’t wait for it even today, and don’t think they’ll be bored – and with a good story, it’ll be even more fun! We admit that we didn’t find any arrows, but your kid may be in happier hands. Well, I wish you happy and good (hunting)!

All this happens in beautiful nature, and we were accompanied by ideal weather. We also had lunch in the park, which was quite delicious, Liv fell asleep on our bench again. That mountain air is a wonder for sleep and is worth trying for any insomniac!

On the third day, we walked around the place together, had another splash in the hotel pools, and then it was time to return, that is, go to the Olimpija thermal baths! I will soon reveal how it was for us (again) in Slovenia in a new review. We will be in touch!



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